Our Story

In 1997, over 20 years ago, our store was founded with the purpose of creating the first Apple Community in Alaska. Not only did we accomplish that goal, but we pioneered Apple for all Alaskans in the process. We’re a locally owned small business that delivers quality service above and beyond what the big corporations can. We’re not that faceless blue and yellow store with employees hungry to sell you a worthless warranty. We’re not that glass and aluminum monolith you have to make an appointment to get into. You don’t have to worry about paying outrageous parking fees, or waiting in long lines. We’re YOUR local Apple community, and we pride ourselves on being like no-one else.

The quality of our repairs matters to us, as it's a direct reflection of ourselves as a company. That's why every member of our staff is fully Apple Certified. That means we all have our ACMT 2016, ACiT 2016 and Apple Sales Professionals Certifications. We've been properly taught how to handle your machines with the highest degree of care. We proudly treat every repair with the same care we'd treat our own devices with.