Service & Repair

Let Us Put Our 20 Years Of experience Into Fixing Your Mac

When your Mac is feeling under the weather, we can find out why. It doesn't matter if it's a bizarre software issue, or a mechanical failure; chances are we've seen it before. If it's not worth repairing, we'll let you know. We also have many options for data extraction.

We'll get you operational again in no time.


If your Mac isn't running as well as it could, we can easily find out why. We have access to special tools Apple only gives to Authorized Repair Centers. If you've taken your Mac elsewhere and they can't find out what's wrong, bring it to us so the pros. We can get to the bottom of the issue, and you can get back to enjoying your Mac.


Get our expert service when and where you need it. Call us up, and get a tech out to you in no time! If your machine needs additional service, we'll drive to our shop, repair it, and drive it back to you.

Call us today and ask us about availability and pricing 

WELlness Check

We all go into the doctors to get check-ups; it's how we make sure we're healthy and increase our life expectancy. Our Macs are no different. We can check the over all health of your computer, give you upgrade options, see you battery health, and even dust out your Mac to keep it running cool. Let us give your Mac the TLC it deserves.