Data loss isn't something anyone wants to have happen. We make the whole ordeal as pleasant as possible, and get your data back in no time

You hear clicking, grinding, and skipping, and you think nothing of it until your computer starts getting slower and slower. Then one day, it won't even turn on anymore. You think you've been backing up, but something's gone wrong with your backup and it's unusable! This is an all too common scenario we see unfold almost daily. Everyone is susceptible to data loss, but lucky with our help, your data doesn't stay lost for long. Here at the Alaska MacStore, we specialize in forensic data recovery, with state of the art equipment, and technicians specializing in data recovery. If your data isn't recoverable beyond our means, we're partners with Drive Savers. If they can't recover your data, then no one would be able to.


All of our data recovery evaluations start with a $100 evaluation fee. From here, we quote you on price, turn around time, expected success rate, and expected data quantity. There's no obligation past the evaluation, so there's nothing to worry about!